Are you ready to unlock
the secret to your success
and live your dreams
on your terms instead of
someone else’s?


Tell me:

  • When you’re about to close a deal, do you feel shaky?
  • Do you question whether you “belong” at the negotiation table, while in the middle of the actual negotiation?
  • When you think about the know, like, and trust factor you’re offering, do you doubt your worth?

If your eyes are squeezing shut because the truth of these scenarios feels all too familiar: you’re in the right place, and you’re not alone.

It’s time to land the plane and begin your journey back to confidence, security, self-worth, and self-trust.

In other words, it’s time to Negotiate Anything and learn to:

  • Effectively ask for more
  • Feel confident in every conversation you have
  • Close the sale
  • Mediate successfully
  • Build better relationships with your clients
  • Build a better relationship with yourself
  • Stop drowning at work and home
  • Get unstuck
  • Believe in your worth
  • And more!

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You’ll also receive a copy of Alex’s book, Ask for More. US Customers only.

“Alex, I am so excited to tell you that we did it! I asked for more and actually got more, and now I have a new job! A new job in the middle of a pandemic! Thank you – Ask for More has been a game-changer for me.”

— Maryellen

“I negotiated a 54% pay increase with your help! Thank you for giving me the confidence to advocate for myself!”

— Gayle

In the past, you may have been a genius at “fake it ‘til you make it,” but now, any insecurities that dwell in the shadows of your psyche are making themselves known.

You watch yourself as you waver at work, unsure how to close the sale or negotiate a better deal. You feel stuck – no longer meeting or exceeding your sales goals or bringing in leads.

In this virtual world, you’re unsure how to put yourself in front of your clients, so you stay top of mind — or in front of your boss, so they keep you on the front burner for that next promotion.

Are you ready to pivot out of what’s holding you back?

If you’re nodding your head yes and feel yourself reconnecting with the fire inside – keep reading because:

  • It’s time to consider how you want to leave the imprint of your work on this world.
  • It’s time for you to achieve financial security and advocate for the goals and dreams you’ve set for yourself.
  • It’s time for you to trust yourself and overcome the fear of hearing NO or disappointing someone.
    Buy Now – $199

You’ll also receive a copy of Alex’s book, Ask for More. US Customers only.

What You’ll Get:

  • 4 Digital Course Modules, including
    • Words to Say (and Not to Say) in Negotiation: Just a few simple words can make the difference between a six-figure income, or losing the deal entirely.
    • Getting Past the Fear of “No:” Get ready to dump this limiting mindset and transform the way you claim your worth.
    • Turning “No” to “Yes:” Learn how to prevent the “no” and how to change a “no” to a “yes” while making the other person want to come back to you over and over!
    • Handling Emotions in Negotiation: Learn how to use your emotions, reduce your anxiety, and express them in ways that convey power instead of taking away from it.
  • A comprehensive workbook with summaries and reflection questions.
  • Lifetime access to both the modules and the workbook, so you can use it again and again as you need!
  • A live Q&A session with Alex, where she’ll answer your personal questions and help you get past the areas where you feel stuck!

“Alex, I used your negotiation lessons to resolve a CEO compensation dispute for a major company this week. You’ve saved us a ton of time and money. Thank you!”


These are not impossible goals and outcomes.

These are skills you can learn even if you don’t come from generational wealth, or your parents didn’t teach you negotiation skills at the dinner table on Sunday nights.

Here’s the truth: everyone pretends they know how to negotiate, and everyone is faking it because no one wants to admit they can’t ask for help on how to do it.

These are learned skills.
You can learn them regardless of where you started.

And now, you’ll know the secrets of success, negotiation, and how to eliminate barriers that haven’t always been accessible.

Buy Now – $199

You’ll also receive a copy of Alex’s book, Ask for More. US Customers only.


Be Your Ultimate Self-Advocate

As a world-renowned negotiation trainer for groups and individuals from all over the world—including the United Nations, Fortune 100 companies, the U.S. government, foreign governments, not-for-profit organizations, universities, and private law firms – I’ve taught thousands of people how to:

  • Negotiate effectively
  • Successfully steer conversations towards desired outcomes without manipulation, emotional overwhelm, or forceful tactics
  • Move past the fear of hearing “No” and gaining confidence in conversations
  • Turning a NO into A YES and how to handle objections to close the sale

After I wrote my Wall Street Journal Best Seller, Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything, I realized it was time to put the tactics that I’d taught in boardrooms and classrooms into easy-to-complete online training.

In just a few short, easy to digest, and straightforward sessions, you can navigate negotiation in new ways. If you’ve got an hour, this course is for you.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of steering conversations without manipulation to get what you want, securely and confidently?

Let’s get started

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You’ll also receive a copy of Alex’s book, Ask for More. US Customers only.



Does Alex offer private negotiation coaching?
Yes. Alex is taking on a select number of private negotiation clients at this time. Please contact for further information.
Does Alex speak to companies?
Yes! Alex has delivered hundreds of interactive webinars and is a frequent Keynote speaker. For booking inquiries, please contact
I have a book club and I’d love to have Alex’s book featured. Will she speak to my group?
At this time, Alex is unable to speak to book clubs.
How long do I have access to the course?
I don’t have time to do the course now. Will Alex be offering a digital course in the future?
Yes! To be one of the first to know about the next digital course launch — and to receive valuable negotiation insights along the way — join Alex’s email list.
Do I need to have internet access in my home to participate in the digital course?
While you do not need to have internet access in your home, all videos must be viewed through a private page on the website and cannot be downloaded.
Is there a discount on the course for seniors, veterans or any other groups?
At this point, there are no discounts for the course.


Buy Now – $199

You’ll also receive a copy of Alex’s book, Ask for More. US Customers only.